Wolfram Alpha – poor user experience

Saturday 25th April, 2009

I have an apology to make. The title of this post leaves room for you to infer that I’ve actually used Wolfram Alpha… I haven’t.

What I *have* done (along with many others I’m sure) is signed up for access to their closed preview. Did I get access? Not yet. All I have so far is a series of  unfulfilled promises.

Either this was an honest oversubscription which they’ve handled badly, or it was a deliberate trick to create hype and aquire a mailing list.

Regardless of which is closer to the mark, I refer Stephen Wolfram and Hector Zenil to Seth Godin.

I suspect that in 18 months time Wolfram will be languishing in the Hall of Forgotten Hype alongside the equally world-changing Project Ginger.