The legacy of old habits

Friday 24th April, 2009

I used to have a favourite bag with a mobile phone pocket on one side. I used it every day going to and from work, and I always put my phone in that pocket to keep it out of my jeans pockets and away from my knackers. I know the radiation is probably not dangerous but it’s sometimes easier to keep your irrational gut feeling pacified by doing what it wants.

Because that pocket was on the left of the bag I always slung it to the right, so that the pocket was near my hand, easy for me to get to. That’s why I always carry bags like that: bag on my right side, strap crossing over to my left shoulder.

So I’m now have this habit, even though I no longer have a bag with a phone pocket. It doesn’t feel right carrying a bag any other way.

Do you have any redundant habits?

Is the ‘Big Rewrite’ important to bond a new team?

Thursday 23rd April, 2009

We’ve just finished the initial rebuild of our web layer required to get Empora up and running (one day I’m going to stop shamelessly linking to our new project but today is not that day), and our team is now working much more effectively together.

It’s prompted us to think, would we have started working so well as a team if we hadn’t tackled the notorious “big rewrite” together?