Site log-in, HTTPS or HTTP?

Four months on from Monster‘s big security breach they’re still using plain-text HTTP for logging in, and for changing your password.

While that’s fairly common for lower-risk web apps from cash-strapped start-ups and solo developers, for someone like Monster it seems inappropriate. Monster run sites all over the world, have a clear revenue stream, and they store an awful lot of personal information. Exactly the kind of information that’d be useful to identity thieves.

A few SSL certificates won’t break their bank account unless it was breaking anyway.

It’s got me wondering though. What proportion of sites actually bother with SSL? Sadly the only stats I’ve found on SSL adoption are some vague hints at data from Netcraft (scroll to the bottom). These stats seem to indicate that only 60 out of the “top 1000” sites use SSL, but I’m not sure exactly what criteria they’re using to gather those numbers.

Has anyone got any idea what proportion of sites use HTTPS for login?


One Response to Site log-in, HTTPS or HTTP?

  1. I can’t believe Monster still isn’t taking personal online security seriously. They need to pull it together soon.

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