More Outlook abuse

It’s been a while since I complained about Outlook but don’t panic, it’s not all better now. I am still very annoyed with it, I’ve just been trying to concentrate on more productive blog posts.

Today’s Outlook rant is about the attachment previewer. Outlook 2007 has this feature that (quite rightly) allows you to preview attachments in the reading pane. This works brilliantly for text files and Office documents.

Can you guess what happens if someone sends, oh I don’t know, a “.sql” file, or a “.java” file? These are plain text files that could be displayed even more easily than an HTML email.

Instead you get presented with a link to find and download more previewers. What’s on the page at the other end of that link? Downloadable previewers perhaps? No, you naive young scamp, there’s absolutely nothing of use whatsoever. That’s right, it’s impossible to preview them without writing your own file previewer in .NET, or possibly attempting some pith-helmeted registry botching (via).

I love you Outlook!

2 Responses to More Outlook abuse

  1. Mark Vickers says:

    Oh, FFS Outlook Team – you’ve got to stop smoking so much Ganga!

    I know you Micro$haft guys will do anything to sabotage Apple, but really, no previewer for an iCal invite?! That’s pathetic.

    If you hadn’t got me in an armlock ‘cos a couple of clients use Exchange, I’d uninstall the whole gory train crash in favour of properly written open source products.

  2. RonnieSpike says:

    I agree with this rant. I’ll be looking for someone who has a file previewer that allows you to specify what kind of extensions may be displayed in the .txt previewer.

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