I Love Visualisations

I love visualisations

Visualisation du jour

I love visualisations. Not in a short-lived fiery way, but in that way that’s based on mutual understanding, respect for each other’s space, and not hogging the remote control.

A good visualisation can sell an idea. A good visualisation can let the human eye’s abilities take a set of data and run with it. A good visualisation can inform a decision, or even prompt entirely new questions.

Visualisation of the day

I’m not going to try and explain this visualisation on the left, partialy because it wouldn’t make much sense to anyone but one or two people I work with, but trust me, I found it really useful.

It reveals quite clearly the aspects of this data I wanted to isolate, highlights where I’m going wrong, and has told me a few things about the underlying system that I hadn’t realised. The only thing I’m not happy about is that it’s not in colour.

I don’t think I need a second opinion. I’m a data geek.

Update: Have now given in and created a colour version where the green RGB value is set to intensity, and red is proportional to standard deviation. It rocks my dweeby little world.

3 Responses to I Love Visualisations

  1. Isaac says:

    Do please explain! I want to know what I’m seeing.

    You might also like to subscribe to my visualization linkfeed at http://delicious.com/hepwori/visualization. Just a thought.

    Take it easy,


  2. Richard Marr says:


    Yeah, the other reason I didn’t explain is that I haven’t yet thought of a way to explain it without prematurely giving away some of the techniques I’m using. I’m still hoping to have the time and support to write a paper on some of it.


  3. Dimi says:

    Are those visualizations of features?

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