Innovation where tech meets design

I’ve recently discovered the work of Jonathan Feinburg, father, drummer, and IBM Researcher. His projects include Wordle and the Alphabet Synthesis Machine.

Wordle is an app that takes a passage of text and creates a word cloud based on your design sensibilities. The Alphabet Synthesis Machine takes a similar approach to designing characters for a fictional alphabet, taking a seed drawing and evolving that according to your constraints.

A word cloud create from the text of this post

A word cloud create from the text of this post

It’s really comforting to know that there are people out there who can create interesting technology that’s easy to just pick up and play with. My over-arching experience using these tools is one of discovery, and enjoyment.

Even though I have no practical use for his creations, I’ll go back and play with them because they’re beautiful.

I think there’s a lesson in there for those of us who are involved in the creation of user interfaces in the commercial world.


2 Responses to Innovation where tech meets design

  1. thos says:

    good stuff rich. thanks for turning me on to this.
    i’ve got a short list of things like this here

  2. Richard Marr says:

    Hey Thos, I like your tag idea. I’ll try and remember to use that next time.

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