Spore ruined by DRM?

I’ve been waiting to play Spore for years, literally. I even paid £5 a few months back for the creature creator demo, even though charging for a demo feels a little weird to me. But now it’s been released, I’m not going to buy it.

Why? Because I’d rather vote with my feet and make a point to computer game distributors that I don’t want DRM. I’d rather sacrifice a little bit of fun by spending my money on something else (lets face it, it might not even be a sacrifice). It seems like I’m not alone, the Amazon review page for Spore (via ZDNet) is filled with complaints about the DRM they’ve bundled with it, pushing the rating down to a rather weak ‘one star’.

A few years ago when Half Life 2 was released, I bought it straight away, then spent ages waiting for the game to phone home every time I wanted to play it because Steam’s DRM servers were under strain. I haven’t tried playing it recently, but if the DRM provider have switched off their servers for any reason then I’ll be unable to play my own game.

I don’t want games to phone home whenever I play them, it’s creepy, it’s a potential point of failure, and it’s downright rude.

The PC game market (at least the grumpy older gamer segment) is pissed off. Lets see if the industry is listening.


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