Mysterious IIS errors lead to Skype

IIS has been throwing some incomprehensible error codes at me recently: “Unexpected error 0x8ffe2740 occurred”. A quick search discovered that this happens when another service is running on port 80… something that really should not be “unexpected” and should have resulted in a more helpful error message.

Looking through the list of active ports using TCPView came up with nothing, so I returned to searching for people with similar problems, when I came across this gem.

Apparently someone at Skype decided that their client software should lock up port 80 if it’s not being used at start-up. This means anyone who starts IIS after they start Skype will get an error message.

Poor show from both Skype and Microsoft.


2 Responses to Mysterious IIS errors lead to Skype

  1. Peter Parkes says:

    You can tell Skype not to use port 80, which should solve this problem – let me know if that doesn’t do the trick!

  2. Richard Marr says:

    Yeah, I have done. I’m really just railing against the thoughtless behaviour that led Skype to waste my time by claiming port 80 and Microsoft to waste my time by not thinking through their error behaviour adequately.

    If I shipped a product and included an option that effectively said “don’t break other apps” or gave an error that said “there’s a problem but I can’t be bothered to help you with it”, then I would expect to be publicly shamed.

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