Politicians should be paid peanuts

The reliably interesting Simon Wardley wrote yesterday about his frustrations at mis-use of anti-terror powers, as well as the hypocritical behaviour by MPs, trying to award themselves 40% pay rises while asking everyone else to show restraint in the face of inflation.

I totally agree, and propose a solution. I propose that MP salaries should be reduced to the minimum wage, and have their finances made entirely public (as in published, in real time).

Sounds a bit extreme, doesn’t it. Hear me out though. I think it makes sense.

My hypothesis is that the effect of this would be to reduce the number of career politians. Career politians are afraid to disobey the party whips, or admit mistakes, since only a career of mediocrity is a safe bet. There are some exceptions (I’m in no way affiliated and have only voted Lib Dem once) but I’d be happy to make charitable donations to support the ones I choose.

My hope would be that the decrease in career politicians would be balanced out by an increase the number of politians who come to the field from successful careers in other disciplines… head teachers, scientists, doctors, soldiers, engineers, and leaders from business.

I think that would be a Parliament to be proud of.


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