Outlook Team, Be Ashamed

I’ve just spent 5 minutes (Update: And another 10 minutes the next day) trying in vain to tell my copy of Microsoft Outlook not to “correct” my spelling to US spellings. It keeps switching the language back to US English and ignoring my explicit instruction to leave my spelling alone.

Bizarre language behaviour in Outlook

What’s more, this PC is set to GMT, International English, and UK keyboard layout. Why would it think I wanted USian spellings?

Language settings set to UK only

Sadly this is representative of my experience using Outlook.

If any of the Outlook development team fancy popping out from behind the brick wall I’ve been banging my head against, please do. I’ve got some constructive feedback for you.

2 Responses to Outlook Team, Be Ashamed

  1. Mark Fowler says:

    Shouldn’t your PC be configured to use BST this time of year?

  2. Richard Marr says:

    Yep, you’re totally right. Outlook should’ve detected that and adjusted my spellchecker in favour of barbeques and cider.

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