Google Docs – Javascript presentation

I’ve just been playing with Google Documents slideshow tool. On the whole, very impressive.

Positive points include the ability to share and chat online, allowing you to present remotely and only have to worry about voice connectivity.

Negative points include (and this might be my stupidity) a complete inability to figure out how to use the text formatting controls. No matter what I did I couldn’t change the size of my text, even though the font-size control was right before my eyes, taunting me.

Check out Google Docs to view the slides (Google account required). Slides include notable language points for Javascript outsiders, techniques for managing large codebases, summary of Javascript 2.

If anyone finds it useful, fair play.


2 Responses to Google Docs – Javascript presentation

  1. Usability rule number 1, if you can’t figure out how to use a program, it’s the software’s fault, NOT yours 🙂

    Slideshow is pretty slick.

  2. richmarr says:

    Good point well made.

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