JQuery and TiddlyWiki

I was shown this excellent JQuery menu effect today, which reminded me what a mind-numbingly great Javascript library it really is. In case you haven’t used it, or heard of it, JQuery is a remarkably light library (a quarter or less of the size of other popular libraries) that allows you to do some pretty impressive things.

While I was working for Moreover Technologies I developed an enterprise news search portal called Newsdesk, the UI of which was written entirely in Javascript. Converting those 6000 lines of Javascript to use JQuery saved us a lot of headaches and allowed us to cut down our file size by nearly 1/3, with plenty of optimisations still to be made. I am a huge fan.

If you want to download it or read documentation, visit the JQuery site. If you’ve heard of it but aren’t convinced, please read this open letter.

In my current job I’m no longer suffering from Javascript overload, so perhaps now is the time to dip my toes into the other curious development platform of the Javascript world, TiddlyWiki.


5 Responses to JQuery and TiddlyWiki

  1. Thos says:

    did i ever mention that when interviewing for US developers I had the opportunity to speak with 2 people who were just coming off of a 6 month start up attempt with John Resig? The timing was wrong for one of them, and the skill set wasn’t quite right for the other, but since you mentioned JQuery I thought I’d share this 3-degree-of-seperation angle you were not likely to be aware of….

  2. Jonno says:

    Is there an English translation of your blog available?

  3. richmarr says:

    Sorry Jonno, it’s only available in Nerd 🙂

  4. Paul says:

    hey Rich, hows things…

    Here I am, looking to steal/borrow/missapropriate some JQuery code to wedge into my website, and I find your name popping up! Fancy a pint (we can talk nerd while I whip you at pool if you like ;o) )?

  5. richmarr says:

    Fair enough… I’m happy to share a portion of JQuery goodness whilst thoroughly trouncing you at pool.

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