Transparency Through Community

I was in a meeting with some of the staff here at Justgiving (Firstgiving in the US) earlier this week and, amongst other things, we talked about honesty and transparency.

There seemed to agreement from everyone that we should strive to be completely straight with each other, with clients, and with our users. That got me to thinking that we should try to engage more with the people that we serve, in order to foster better relations, trust, and a flow of information that we can all benefit from.

Using my perspective as a developer here I think I can widen our existing blog communication to include people who are interested in technology and new products.

So, this is the beginning of my experiment, and my first blog post. I wonder if anyone will read it.


2 Responses to Transparency Through Community

  1. Dee says:

    I read it in the UK! I’m not up to speed with all the technical stuff but as my son at is trying to raise funds I encourage you to continue with the good work. Good luck!

  2. richmarr says:

    Thanks for the vote of support Dee. I just read some of your son’s blog, what a journey! Wish him luck from me.

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